Vector Mobile

Smart mobility: Be Smart Be Mobile

Vector Mobile, is an area created to provide specific solutions to the current needs of the sector, 100% mobile user experience-oriented.




Smart Mobility: Be Smart Be Mobile

Mobility should be distinguished by intelligence, which is what really contributes something new and can make the user's life easier by saving them the job of decision-making. It is an ecosystem based on four cornerstones: independence, communication, information and intelligence. Those four cornerstones are inseparable. Be Smart, Be Mobile

  • BE FREE Always independent. You can perform any management on the device.

  • BE ON Always connected. Access to everything happening around you at all times.

  • BE DATA Always informed.It stores the information that you generate, classifies it and saves it, so that no important information about your day-to-day activities is lost.

  • BE SMART Always smart. It analyses the information and adapts it to your lifestyle, so that you make the right decisions. Be Smart Be Mobile.






  • Conceptualising and usability.

  • Graphic design and prototyping.

  • Development of applications for telephones, smart accessories and the Internet of things.

  • Technologies: NFC, Beacons, augmented reality, gamification.

  • Publication, positioning, reputation analysis.

  • Certification and auditing of applications and terminals.