Data protection

We protect business information

Data availability and protection under any circumstance

At Vector we handle the physical infrastructures of the storage server virtualization modules, the applications, etc. We also have extensive knowledge of the life of the data inside these infrastructures, which makes our knowledge of the Data Center complete. We give maximum priority to our customer's data protection and its availability under any circumstance.

We provide backup and disaster recovery solutions with a global perspective in order to achieve the RTO and RPO needed in each case. Our overall view of the infrastructure's features enables us to make a realistic and relevant approximation of the goals, and obtain the best balance between protection and cost.

At Vector we carry out all the tasks required to equip our customers' infrastructures with the required protection, from the initial design of the solution to supplying the necessary equipment, its implementation and configuration, and training the users or administrators.

We can configure a service tailor made to the solution, in which the customer pays for its use on a monthly basis, with a flexible and fast deployment and service, with quality commitments and associated costs.