We manage business interconnection: LAN,SAN, WAN, MPLS, VLAN

Vector Ignite designs corporate networks for improving our customers' platforms or implementing new communications systems.

Today's demand for communications requires the latest technology and equipment to be able to offer the highest service quality. At Vector we redesign networks to adapt them to the company's current needs, while taking into account future growth, and always providing expertise and added value in the virtual infrastructure. We upgrade to 10 gigabyte Ethernet networks that provide the bandwidth needed for unifying all the communication types (VoIP, SAN, LAN,...)

We offer the ad-hoc mode, which encompasses healthcheck tasks and upgrading and improvement projects, while the administration remains in the hands of the customer's communications supervisors.

In the service mode, Vector performs a healthcheck before starting the upgrading and improvement tasks. In this model, administration is centralized from Vector Ignite, issuing support tool requests for maintenance tasks, open door requests, creating VPNs, etc. The advantage of this service mode is that it proactively monitors the communications infrastructure and generates traffic reports on the busiest network, protocols, etc.
Vector can guarantee security because it only works with prestigious manufacturers with solid track records who are experts in the latest technologies.