Your life in Vector

If you are looking for a professional opportunity in an innovative company in which the professionals are the most valuable asset, Vector has a lot to offer you.

Vector is experiencing full growth and in the last three years it has begun a process of international expansion in 5 countries. Vector's human capital has made this evolution and progress possible.

Global work

Our 1,300 plus professionals throughout the world provide us a valuable asset, an enriching multicultural diversity. We promote interaction between employees nationally and internationally to share expertise, creativity and know-how. The variety of our profiles makes it possible for us to offer the market a wide range of possibilities for undertaking the most diverse projects.

Human capital

We wager on dynamic professionals, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts with innovative ideas. 60% of our team hold university degrees, 10 years of experience and have an average age of 34. They are the ones making us grow day by day.

We invest in know-how

At Vector our employees are in a continuous training and learning process for taking on new challenges in a technological world that is constantly changing. Our technology University gives over 5,000 hours of classes annually. Our policies and processes are continuously adapted to the circumstances to offer our professionals the best at every moment.